Your Story

My Vision

At my core, I am a unique African American story-teller. I aspire to be the voice for the millions of people whose stories and experiences are both unheard and underrepresented. Beyond that, as a Film Director, I aspire to give your story the artistic and creative vision, look and feel that it needs to best deliver the intended message and convey the emotions needed to ensure that the audience enjoys and remembers your film.  What I love most about my job is that it allows me to do what I do best, and that's dream up and create alternate realities. Contact me if you're ever in need of a Film Director with a vision, and please check out the short film below. It's a short film written, directed, shot, and edited by me. It's a story of a woman that loses it all due to her inability to control her wicked imagination. At her best, Trish, the main female character, is a beautiful woman flawed due to her previous experiences. I wrote and directed this piece, understanding that so many women struggle with the very thing that her destroyed her life every day. As a person that may or may not resonate with her struggles, I ask you, "Do you think that she deserved to die?"

What I'll Do As Your Director

The Visual

I'll create the artistic, dramatic, and visual aspects of your script. I'm a creative person with a sincere urge to be different. Typically, my work begins by reading your script and conversing with you about it, then I'll launch the project into preproduction.


As a person with a variety of production skill sets, I know exactly what and how everything should be done. I will lead the creative and technical crew for your production to success.                                        


A good director always has a sense of what the budget does and does not allow. I'll tackle the budget and keep up with daily spending. As a Director, my goal is to keep your production on schedule and budget. 

Over Sight

As your Director, I'll oversee everything. I'll assure you that casting, rehearsals, any conflict onset, coordination with department heads and much more are taken care of. I run a super chill, fun, yet professional and tight ship when onset. 

Your Story