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Ashley Brantley

It's All About The Edit!


The edit makes or breaks the story, thus it's important to work with professionals that get it. My edit will guaranteed help enhance the projects and how the story is told. 

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I'm a great editor

Video Editing

Fast & Efficient

As a filmmaker, film director and editor, I know all about deadlines. So many clients have contacted me with fear and doubts about not being able to accomplish their goals, just to be surprised when I completed their project within the timeframe given, and with class and quality, might I add.  I'm an efficient and skilled editor with the ability to meet deadlines keep up in fast-paced environments. 

Editing & Post Production

The Perfect Pace

This isn't about how fast I can edit your project together, this is about the feel of the sequence. You never have to worry about a scene feeling rushed or too slow with me. I edit to a pace to ensure that all of my content feels and looks right in the viewer's eyes. 

Editing a Movie

Color Grading, Motion Graphics & VFX Too!

Who wants to have to find 3 or 4 other people just to finish the edit when you can get your edit, color grade, motion graphics, and even VFX done all in the same place? Work with me, and I'll make sure that all of your post-production needs are taken care of.

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