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Contact me. I provide an array of production services. Look Below to discover what I offer. 

It took a lot of hard work and dedication to become the writer, film director, digital cinematographer, and editor that I am today. I've invested lots of time into my craft. As a passionate filmmaker, I am capable of playing a multitude of vital roles on and off the set. I provide directing, editing, cinematography, and even screenwriting services. Check out my services and previous work to discover if you'd like to have me as one of the professionals on your set. 

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With professional directing experience and education. I'm sure that I'm the Director you've been searching for. Click below to see the projects that I've directed. 

A mirage of photos taken during the production for my short film titled "Dissociated".


I'm a fast-paced and creatively passionate editor ready to work! Check out my editing work by clicking the button below. 

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Searching for a professional DP or Cinematographer that has the equipment and skill, but won't charge you an arm and leg? Contact me! Click the button below to discover my latest DP/Cinematography work. 

Ashley Kemp and Jeanetta Brantley on set of Dissociated.


I'm eager to help you tell your story. I'm best at creating stories with depth, and feature film or tv comedy, drama, and psychological thriller scripts. Contact me for your script and story development needs. 

Ashley Kemp