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Ashley Brantley

Thank you so much for visiting this site! I'm Ashley Brantley, a screenwriter, film director, freelance digital cinematographer, editor and producer. This site is a portfolio of all of my latest work, lists all of my services, and is loaded with the content that all cinema junkies will appreciate. I have interviews of your favorite filmmakers talking cinema, movie reviews and critiques, blogs and vlogs of trending talent in the industry and so much more. So dive in!

Welcome to the site. Ashley Brantley is a screenwriter, film director, digital cinematographer and producer.  This site is a portfolio of all of my latest work, lists all of my services, and is loaded with the content that all cinema junkies will appreciate. So dive in.

I give every project or production my absolute all.  Film or Cinema is my passion,, and filmmaking is my art.  


Logline: Michelle, a woman scorned by her lying and cheating husband, risks everything to obtain her husband's fortune with hopes that she'll finally get to walk away from their toxic marriage and keep the luxurious life that his criminal behavior has afforded them, but her resentful and vengeful heart gets her entangled within a web of lies, lust, amarriage she doesn't want and murder instead. Credits for Resentment: Created/Written, Directed, Shot & Edited By: Ashley Brantley Produced By: Ashley Brantley Productions Trayvon Williams Eric White Show Runner/Executive Producer: Ashley Brantley Associate Producers: Jeanetta Brantley Meoka McBride Tabitha Bailey Qasim Barnes Shavon Majoi Itavia Colbert Cameron King Starring: Tabitha Bailey as Michelle Spade Qasim Barnes as Blake Spade Shavon Majoi as Shayla Holmes Tamekia Madison as Brittany Rachel Rapoza as Kim Mayfield Cyria Dugar as Danielle Holmes Josiah Dugar as Aidan Spade Carla Kidd as Detective Conor Honton as the Club Bartender Camera Department: Camera Operator: Ashley Brantley Stephen Sayles 1st AC: Godfred Aidoo 2nd AC: Stephen Sayles Sound Department: Sound Engineer & Boom Operator: Jeanetta Brantley Damien Vodkel Gaffer: Brandon James Shaylen Young Key Grip: Damien Vodkel Stephen Sayles Make-up & Wardrobe: Rickeydria Netter Edited By: Ashley Brantley Sound Design By: Ashley Brantley Music By: Special Thanks To: The Hive Vegan Eatery The Headquarters Club


Film Directing




Need Advertisement?

From conception all the way to post-production and delivery, I've got your advertisement needs covered. I guarantee that I can create media that will not only sell your product or services but will get your audience to remember and engage with your brand. Don't take my word for it though, check out my latest advertisement and see for yourself. If I can make you laugh or smile while watching these commercials, I'm sure that I can put a smile on your viewing audiences' face also. 

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Written By: Ashley Kemp

Directed By: Ashley Kemp

Cinematography By: Ashley Kemp

Sound Mixer: Jeanetta Brantley

Edited By: Ashley Kemp

Sound Design By: Ashley Kemp

Actors: Devontay Scott & Jeanetta Brantley

Walt Disney

“We don't make movies to make money, we make movies to make more movies.”​


—  Walt Disney

I Love Learning From The Masters

A great deal of filmmaking is learning. As filmmakers, we must read and study, and then apply what we've learned into our craft. The best way to learn this craft is by listening to those that have mastered the art of filmmaking. Check out my collection of videos, interviews, conversations, and documentaries, from filmmakers that we can all appreciate and love. You are guaranteed to learn something here.  


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